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A few years back, My wife Tammi and I went to Dniprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine to be servants to people in this impoverished area. It was a time of compassion and joy that will last an eternity.

Coaching a group of orphans how to play baseball for the first time ever through a Russian interpreter made business coaching look easy! We ended up with six people at third base somehow, but everyone was laughing and having a great time.

I observed their compassion for each other as I noticed more people holding hands over there and their own outreach raising money for a needy community in India!

An elderly woman paid back a donation for food with tears that flowed with love through every vein in my body directly to my heart.

As I witnessed my wife and Carolyn holding and nurturing the babies, I saw a reflection of God in their smiles!


Love Ukraine, a nonprofit Christian organization, helps meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of abandoned and disadvantaged children in Dniprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine from birth through teen years.  We partner with people around the world, whom God touches, for the purpose of assisting the many "children in need."


There are hundreds of children living in institutions in this city.  The children are orphaned because their parents have addictions and/or have met with early death.  In addition, some of these children have a physical or mental handicap such as cleft lip, which caused the parents to reject the child.  Through no fault of their own, this abandonment leads to a life of loneliness and helplessness as they live out their childhood in orphanages.


Love Ukraine people work to restore the lost dignity of these children, dearly loved by their Heavenly Father and to give them a chance to emerge from these institutions as capable, healthy adults with a chance to lead productive lives of their own.  We work toward personally becoming involved in their lives demonstrating the Father's love in tangible ways to bring wholeness and healing and helping them to move beyond their hopelessness to God's highest calling for their lives.

Would You Like To Get Involved, too?


The dedicated team of Ukrainians who bring love to the orphans.



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