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Mastery Workshops, Conferences & Webinars

Business Mastery  Group Workshop Series

4 consecutive weekly, 3 hour Progressive Impact Workshops per series.

Workshop 1 - Marketing Mastery

  • Who is Your Ideal Target Market & Why they Buy Your Products and Services
  • What Headlines/Tag lines/Benefits Attract your Target Market &
  • Creating a Powerful Company Presentation & Networking Message
  • Where to Invest Your Advertising

Workshop 2 - Customer Relations Mastery

  • Developing Your Selling System to Create a Funnel of Opportunities
  • Introduction, Integration and Implementing your CRM Software Applications 
  • Developing your Selling Scripts and E-Mail Templates
  • Managing your Contacts and Shortening the Sales Cycle

Workshop 3 - Sales Mastery

  • Generating Leads, Prospects and Appointments for Constant Revenue Growth
  • Developing a Powerful Company Story / Building Trust & Relationships
  • Discovering Opportunities, Understanding Needs and Identifying Motives
  • Solution Selling, Building Value, Delivery and Project Management

Impact & Innovations Conferences

Industry & Leading Edge Speakers and Topics at National University

On-Line Webinars

12 Monthly “High Impact” Performance Strategies

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